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Modernly equipped, fully digitalized dental clinic with a nice atmosphere in the heart of Copenhagen

We make great effort to give you a positive and comfortable experience and find time for individual consultation. We do not have a dental hygienist, because it is a part of our business concept to offer all our patients a dentist for every consultation, examination and treatment, including the dental cleaning. Our treatment concept is the minimal invasive principal to keep your own teeth all life as far possible. We work together with implantologists and surgeons to be able to offer you any kind of treatment needed. We have dentists who are fluent in english.

A team of dentists

Going to the dentist is not equally enjoyable for all people, and we are aware of this at Cityklinikken. Therefore, we spend time talking to our patients and answering all their questions to ensure that patients are comfortable, during and after treatment.
At Cityklinikken there are no dental hygienists, and therefore all patients are always advised by a dentist - even when it comes to dental cleansing and general dental care.

Therefore, as a patient with us, you are always sure to get the optimal professional assessment and treatment and you have the opportunity to answer your questions on the way to a qualified dentist.

Gentle treatments of many types

Cityklinikken is a dentist in the inner city, offering a wide range of treatments including preventive treatments.

We perform treatments for dentistry, dental cleansing, caries treatment, crowns, implants, wisdom teeth removal, root treatments, broken teeth, shingles, bridges, plastic fillings, prostheses, porcelain facades, as well as cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening.

With us, you get all your treatments in one place. We collaborate with a team of dental technicians and surgeons to offer all sorts of treatments to our patients.

Services and prices

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Skilled and experienced surgeon affiliated with the clinic

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Nice and quiet surroundings

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We take care of your teeth

At Cityklinikken, we treat from principle of maintaining your own teeth all the time as far as possible. That is, we always do everything we can to treat your existing teeth, rather than replace them with implants or simply remove them. We see this as the last resort because treatment and preservation of our own teeth in our optics is always preferable.

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Christian Ix's Gade 2, 3. sal
1111 Copenhagen K

Opening hours

Mon - Wed 10.00 - 21.00
Thur - Sun Closed

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