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Acid damage to the teeth

The diet we consume affects our teeth, not only by creating germs for bacteria, but also if we move on the pH value in the oral cavity.

The biggest injuries are seen in patients who consume a lot of soft drinks, sour fruits and juices (especially those produced by fruit concentrates). The drinks we buy contain too much acid and this is camouflaged by adding large amounts of sugar or sweeteners. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the intake of soda and juice, as well as select fruit carefully. Fruit has an important nutritional value and should therefore not be avoided. Reflux disease due to excess stomach acid can also cause acid damage to the teeth. The acid affects the tooth by etching the enamel of the tooth, which is made of a crystal. The surface thus becomes porous and after brushing it is subsequently worn and can break or slide through to the tooth bone. The treatment consists of dietary guidelines, fluoride treatment, filling treatment, sealing and eventually crown treatment.

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